Merchant Cash Advance

With a merchant cash advance from Fiscus Capital Funding, you can quickly secure the working capital you need to take your company to the next level and grow your business.

What Is A Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is short-term funding that grants you access to a lump sum of cash. Unlike term loans with set monthly payments, merchant cash advances are paid back incrementally as a percentage deducted from your business’s daily or weekly credit and debit card sales. As you receive payments via card, the amount you owe will gradually decrease with each automatic deduction that is withheld to repay the debt. Merchant cash advances offer the unique benefit of no interest rates or fixed monthly payments, unlike traditional forms of small business loans.

Merchant Cash Advance Lenders
Miami SBA loans

What Do I Need
To Apply?

-A valid form of ID such as your driver’s license or passport
-Three or more months of credit card processing statements
-One or two years of business tax returns
-Three months of business bank statements
-A voided business check with the business bank account and routing numbers

Typically, the amount of money you qualify for will be based off your business’ credit card sales history. To repay the advance, the provider will take a percentage of your future credit card sales until you fulfill your obligations. Therefore, the product works in accordance with your business’s sales volume at that time. This is unlike small business loans or lines of credit, which come with set repayment terms.

What Can I Get &
How Do I Qualify?

Funding Amounts:
$5k – $1MM

24 Hr. Funding with Easy Application

Credit Score

6 Months Time in Business

$10k Min Monthly Revenue

Flexible Payments

Payment Terms Based on Business’ Revenue

How To Apply For A Merchant Cash Advance

Applying for a merchant cash advance is simple. Fill out the form, and a member of our team will reach out to you to further discuss how you can get the working capital you need in your account.

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