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Funding Amounts:
$5k – $60MM

Credit Score

Purchase Equipment or Re-Finance Existing Equipment

3 Month –
5-Year Terms

Interest Rates:
As low as  6%

Get Access To The Equipment Your Business Needs

Commercial equipment is a significant expense for businesses in any industry. If your business is a recent startup or hasn’t been in business long enough to turn a significant profit, you may find yourself short on the funds needed to maintain your existing equipment or purchase new equipment. For these scenarios, you have the option of leasing or financing equipment, both of which we will go over to help you determine which option is right for you.

financing for construction equipment
financing for business equipment

What We Expect from Our Brokers

Leasing equipment works much the same way as leasing a vehicle at the dealership. You as a business owner will rent the equipment for a set term that comes with monthly payments. At the end of your lease, you will have the option of purchasing the equipment for the remaining balance, returning the equipment, or extending your lease. This option works best for business owners who want the option of returning the equipment at the end of the lease or purchasing it, depending on your needs at the end of the lease.


Fiscus Capital Funding offers competitive terms to people who choose to finance the equipment they need for their companies. You stand to receive a loan amount of up to $600M and you do not need to show a financial statement if your application is under $150,000. There are also various repayment methods and all of our loans come with fixed rates. This option is typically preferred by business owners who know that they want to own their equipment long-term and are capable of shouldering the responsibilities of owning and maintaining the equipment they’ve purchase.

equipment financing options
loan for equipment financing

How Do You Choose The Right Equipment Funding Program?

Deciding whether to lease or finance your business equipment depends largely on the industry you work in and the type of equipment needed. Leasing has the benefit of simply returning the equipment at the end of your lease and not having to worry about long-term responsibility. Financing is another viable option as long as you know your business can keep up with maintenance, and the long-term payback agreement of the loan. Depending upon your company’s needs, choose from any of the following categories:

  • Startup programs
  • Government and municipal programs
  • B, C, and D programs
  • Sale and lease-back programs

What You Need To Apply:

  • Three years of tax returns for your business and each guarantor
  • Personal financial statements
  • Driver’s license information for each owner
  • Identifying information including date of birth and documentation for each individual that has 25 percent or more beneficial ownership in the legal entity and one individual with significant managerial control.2


  • ✔Fast approvals
  • ✔The equipment acts as strong collateral
  • ✔You’ll own the equipment at the end of the loan term
  • ✔Allows you to make equipment upgrades easily
  • ✔Helps your cash flow
  • ✔You can save money on your business tax return.
  • ✔You won’t have to wait until you have the capital on-hand to purchase the equipment


  • ✘Most equipment loan applications will require an equipment quote
  • ✘If the equipment depreciates, you can’t deduct the full cost each year.
equipment financing options
Equipment financing

Minimum Requirements For Equipment Financing

If your business doesn’t match some of the qualifiers above, it may be more challenging to receive funding from our lending partners.

What Are the Benefits?

Simple, Fast Process

Choose Your Vendor

Purchase or lease the best equipment for your business, regardless of industry (no restrictions).

No Up-Front Fees (vary by lender)

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