Merchant Cash Advances

We have the lowest factor rates in the nation starting at only 1.03!

Funding Amounts:
$500 – $2MM

24 Hr. Funding with Easy Application

Credit Score

6 Months Time in Business

$10k Min Monthly Revenue

Flexible Payments

No Fixed Payment Term, Payments Based on Business’ Receivables

What you’ll need to do to qualify for a merchant cash advance:

  • Provide 3 months of past bank statements and/or credit card processing statements
  • Fill out Fiscus Capital Funding application.

What you can typically skip when applying for a merchant cash advance:

  • A mountain of paperwork
  • A credit check
  • Your business’s precious collateral
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The Requirements to Qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance

-Your driver’s license or passport to prove your identity.
-Three or more months of credit card processing statements.
-Recent business bank account statements.
-A voided business check.  

Typically, the amount of money you qualify for will be based off your business’ historical credit card sales volume. To repay the advance, the provider will take a percentage of your future credit card sales until you fulfill your obligations. Therefore, the product works in accordance with your business’s sales volume at that time. This is unlike small business loans or lines of credit, which come with set repayment terms.

That Our Cash Advance Program Has For You

✔ Industries Funded: All

✔ Lowest Rates in the Nation Starting at only 1.03

✔ Repayments: Daily or Weekly

✔ Collateral Required: No

✔ Restrictions on Uses: No

✔ Consolidation/Refinancing Options: Yes

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Merchant Cash Advances

If you are a business owner who needs quick and easy access to extra cash, merchant cash advances are a great option. At Fiscus Capital Funding, we offer merchant cash advances to businesses of all sizes and make the process of obtaining a merchant cash advance as simple and straightforward as possible. 

What Is A Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is a type of short-term funding that allows you to receive a lump sum of cash, which is paid back incrementally in the form of a percentage deducted from the business’s daily or weekly credit or debit sales. This means that rather than making a set monthly payment, the amount you owe will gradually decrease as these deductions are automatically withheld to repay the debt. One of the unique benefits merchant cash advances is that they do not come with interest rates or fixed monthly payments the way a traditional small business loan does.

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How Does A Merchant Cash Advance Work?

Merchant cash advance eligibility is determined based on your sales volume and credit card receipts. Once we have approved your merchant cash advance, we will deposit the funds into your account within 24 hours. After that, a predetermined percentage of your business’s debit and credit card sales will be withheld until your debt is paid off.

What Are The Advantages Of Merchant Cash Advances?

The advantages of merchant cash advances include, but are not limited to:

  • Merchant cash advances are quick and easy to obtain
  • You can use merchant cash advances for any purpose
  • No interest rates or monthly payments
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Terms & Details

Our merchant cash advance terms give business owners a solid option for avoiding traditional small business funding options, such as a short-term business loans. The benefits include:

  • No collateral requirements
  • Up to $1M in funding
  • 24 hour funding with easy application
  • 500+ credit score
  • 6 months’ time in business
  • Fixed daily or weekly payments
  • No application fees
  • No fixed payments
  • No closing costs
  • Easy repayment

Whatever you may need additional funding for, our merchant cash advance options can provide you with the necessary cushion or extra working capital to suit your needs.

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