West Palm Beach
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in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach offers luxury shopping, eating, Broadway-quality performances, a world-class art museum, and more. West Palm Beach, Florida, provides year-round fun among smooth-sand beaches and some of the nation’s most alluring waterways.

SunFest, Florida’s biggest waterfront music event, features top national acts. Downtown West Palm Beach has four business and leisure districts: Clematis Street, Rosemary Square, Northwood Village, and Antique Row. West Palm Beach has trendy pubs, nightclubs, shops, and antiquities.

High-end merchandise is affordable at Palm Beach Outlets. The Palm Beach Zoo, Norton Museum of Art, and Kravis Center for the Performing Arts are also notable in West Palm Beach.

Merchant Cash Advances for Palm Beach Businesses

With all this seasonal activity, a business owner would not be remiss to think about how to maintain a steady, year-round cash flow. Fortunately, there are a number of financing mechanisms to choose from that help when cash flow is stilted or very low. For example, if spring and summer are your busy seasons and fall and winter are slow, you can use a merchant cash advance to help you bridge the gap between the busy and slow times.

A lender provides a merchant cash advance instead of a bank loan. You receive a lump sum amount based on projected sales. The lender will then be repaid using a percentage of your future credit/debit card transactions (if you don’t trade, you don’t pay) or regular debit orders (every day or every week).

Lenders that provide merchant cash advances will examine your company’s credit card transactions to determine how much money you really need and whether or not you have the means to repay the loan. The loan amount and interest rate will be specified in the contract you sign with the MCA lender. The interest rates offered by various financial institutions might differ significantly from one another. The eventual cost to you may also be affected by the state in which your company is headquartered, since interest rate caps may be in effect there.


With an MCA, you may choose to make payments as a percentage of your card swipes on a daily or weekly schedule. After carefully evaluating your business, your MCA provider will choose the most suitable repayment plan for you.

Your future sales transactions are being purchased by the MCA lender. An MCA is useful since it provides a rapid injection of cash, yet your contract with the MCA lender and the lender’s evaluation of your sales will determine whether or not you are really approved for the loan. To cover their risk, MCA lenders add a fee known as a “factor” to the principal loan amount, so the total amount owed will be more than the original advance.


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