Cash-Out Refinancing

Cash-Out Refinancing

When looking for a commercial loan, your business has many options. One of these options is cash-out refinancing. Here at Fiscus Capital Funding, we pride ourselves on offering dozens of commercial financing options tailored to your needs, so your business can grow and thrive. Learn about cash-out refinancing options below, and get a free quote today!

What Is Cash-Out Refinancing For Commercial Property?

Cash-out refinancing for commercial property is when you replace your existing mortgage with a new mortgage and get a loan for greater than the amount you owe in order to receive cash. Many commercial businesses choose this type of loan for working capital purposes.

Best cash out financing options
Cash out financing for small businesses

Reasons For A Cash-Out Refinance

  • Take advantage of lower interest rates

  • Convert your existing mortgage to a different mortgage product

  • To receive cash (or equity) to use for business-related purposes

Additional Advantages Of A Cash-Out Refinance

Many businesses choose a cash-out refinance in order to lower their monthly mortgage payment. This can positively affect their balance sheet, monthly budget, and their cash flow. In addition, many businesses use the cash to invest in other properties to promote expansion. Since the money is attached to a mortgage, the interest is a tax write off.

Cash out financing options
Cash Out financing for small businesses

Options For A Cash-Out Refinance

  • Government-backed refinance loan

  • Conventional commercial refinance loan

  • Commercial cash-out refinance loans through a small business lender such as Fiscus Capital Lending

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